Our Mission

Due to the quick rise of the temperature on earth the world around us is changing. Some areas do not notice much of this but there are parts in the world where the problems show themselves in quick tempo. Due to the rise of the sea level the seawater moves inland quickly and also the meltwater in the river of a glacier shows a considerable surge. Delta areas face threats from two sides. Millions of people live in these areas which often flood for 9 months a year. Bangladesh knows several of these areas and even despite of the knowledge and expertise from the Netherlands, in this delta issues arise for which it proves to be more difficult to find answers. The company Urban Wetlands now comes with a solution.

To meet our mission we will focus on cooperation with many parties worldwide. Urban Wetlands will innovate and develop the technical system but for implementation we will search for local parties such as municipalities, environmental agencies, world developing banks, local real estate parties or communities. We will establish partnerships with those local organisations for widely support for our ideas. Furthermore and before we have establish a benchmark in the market we will make use of local subsidies from Dutch or local agencies.

We will deliver the concept and assist with finding financial resources for the project.

Part of our approach is to make sure that after installation maintenance and training is organized. Only with local people who are responsible the FSSU can operate without problems. In the case that the FSSU is built for multiple household we search for a financial revenue program for the responsible maintenance people.