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Urban Wetlands

Controling sanitation in flood prone area

About Us

Urban Wetlands is a synergetic co-operation between the Dutch companies Urban Green and Wetlantec. Both companies are keen to develop innovative products and concepts to contribute to a greener and healthier (local) environment. We believe that good sanitation is among the most important issues on the world’s agenda. It is high time to improve sanitation fast and to stop nature pollution and related public health issues. To contribute to this we have developed the Floating Sustainable Sanitation Unit (FSSU), a floating sanitation unit capable of full off-grid treatment of domestic wastewater


The FSSU (floating sustainable sanitation unit) is a full off-grid solution for domestic sanitation problems. The system consist of a floating body, a special develop construct wetland and technical components like pumps, pump controls and pipes. The main characteristics of the FSSU is a vertical flow construct wetland (VFCW) and a floating body.

Our mission

In the beginning of 2015 Urban Wetlands has development the FSSU concept as part of the answer on one of the world biggest sanitation problems in developing countries where flood risk is present. Our main challenge is the adaptation of technologies to local conditions. This requires a proper balance between cost-effectiveness, scalability and durability. Our second challenge is to adapt our business model to the volatile local conditions (physical and socioeconomic) in emerging countries.


Urban Wetlands has over 24 years of field experiences with controlling sanitation via constructed wetlands. As a leader on the Dutch market we are praised for our knowledge.


To design and compete the FSSU Urban Wetlands has done several studies in different countries all around the globe. We believe in knowledge bij field research.


  • NGO
  • Government
  • Waterboard
  • Property developer


We believe in a personal approach to aim for a good solution. Every situation is different and will get his own attention for a good result

To get to the wright solution we would like to get in touch with u

Urban Wetlands works on solutions

We are convinced that there’s a solution for every location, no matter how bad the circumstances are. We achieve this by working togethers with our partners. Therefore we’re always willing to think about a collaboration to find the wright solution.